Get Rid of the Frustrations of Course Creation with My Course Support Package!

No More Wasting Time Trying to Set Up Your Course

- Let Me Do It for You!

Launch Your Course Without Tech Stress

Imagine if you had all the time you needed to do the things that mattered to you and your business.

My Done-for-you Course Set Up provides you with all the tech options you need to launch your course!

This means you won’t have to worry about learning how to use the tech, setting it up, or anything else

This is for you if:

You want to hand over the tech stuff and let someone else handle it?

You know you need to launch your course, you just don't know where to start

You've already tried to do it and it just took up too much time and head space

You'd love to have it all set up before summer to spend it with the kids and not on social media!

We'll go through everything you need:

  • What is the best course platform for you
  • How to get all the payments for your course
  • How to set up a payment plan if needed
  • How to ensure your clients have access
  • And then a call at the end to show you how it all works if you need to change anything


And I love Tech!

So much so that I’ve built my whole business around providing tech support to help you launch your services and sell like the star that you are.

If you’ve got your offer and the copy, then I’ve got the tech know-how to make all of those grand plans of launching your new offer into the world so it makes you the money you want a freaking dream come true.

Here is what you get again:

  • Full sales page build out or landing page build out (using your copy) so your offer not only looks great, but the whole process of signing clients is smoooother than a good flat white
  • Fully integrated payments to make sure that you get paid quickly and easily, and that it’s a breeze for your clients too
  • Email integration to welcome in your new, shiny clients to your world
  • An off boarding call so you know how to use everything
  • All for £450

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Course Support Package?

An easy way for you to hand over the tech and get your course set up and in your dream client's hands

How much is it?

£450 - I have payments plan if needed

How will the The Course Support Package help my business?

It will allow you to sell your courses with ease knowing that all the behind the scenes tech is done so you can shine like the star you are!

Do I need any special skills to use the course platforms?

Nope - we will pick a nice and easy platform for you. And we have an offboarding session to show you everything at the end.

Are there any additional costs associated with The Course Support Package?

Dependig on the course platform you choose there maybe an extra cost, but we will discuss all this.

What happens if I need help after the set up of my Course?

I am always about to answer any questions - I won't just leave you high and dry! Promise!

Ready to do this?

  • You hand it all over to me and I will create your Sales Page, Course Skeleton, automate your payments and welcome email
  • All you need to provide is the copy – I will do the rest!
  • Your Course will be ready to sell in just 2 weeks
  • You can free up time to focus on the other aspects of your business you love
  • No need to worry about the tech – that’s taken care of!